5 Reasons To Eat Vegan At DD Mau

There aren’t too many St. Louis Vietnamese restaurants where you can find vegan Vietnamese food, but DD Mau is one of them! Our fast casual Vietnamese eats are not only delicious, but our menu is designed to accommodate all kinds of dietary preferences and restrictions as well. Why should you eat vegan with us at DD Mau? Here’s why.

1. Lots of options

Sometimes, restaurants that claim to have vegan options just have one or two dishes that are vegan-friendly.  That definitely isn’t the case at DD Mau! We have a wide range of vegan items on every section of our menu.  

Appetizers? Try our Vegan Cheese Rolls, Tofu Spring Rolls, or Vegan Popcorn Shrimp.  Entrees? DD Mau offers vegan versions of Vietnamese favorites like pho, vermicelli bowls, and Banh Mi sandwiches. Desserts? Vegan chocolate cake and sesame balls are both great vegan sweets. Drinks? You have to try our boba tea in Webster Groves with non-dairy milk! 

And that’s not nearly all of our fast casual Vietnamese food items that are vegan. The list goes on and on!

2. Doesn’t require special accommodations or orders

Another issue at some restaurants is that their vegan dishes require special orders or accommodations. Here at DD Mau, you don’t have to order a dish without half the ingredients it is supposed to come with to make it vegan. Our vegan dishes come that way! You can enjoy the full flavor and full range of ingredients when you eat vegan at DD Mau

3. Some are gluten free too

It’s not only vegan and vegetarian dining we offer!  DD Mau is dedicated to having something for everyone.  Our Asian cuisine in Webster Groves and Maryland Heights can fit into a number of lifestyles and diets: Vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, soy-free, peanut-free, and more!  

Just a few options from our menu that are both vegan and gluten-free: 

  • Vegan Shrimp Spring Rolls 
  • Veggie Fried Rice 
  • Veggie Vermicelli Bowl

4. Staff is happy to help

Knowing what to order at a restaurant that is vegan-friendly can be a challenge. Our team at DD Mau wants to ease that burden!  At both locations, our staff is always happy to answer questions and provide guidance so you can have the best Vietnamese restaurant experience possible. 

If you don’t know which items fit into your diet or even if you just need recommendations about what tastes good, our team is happy to help! They have extensive knowledge of our menu and want to help you find the best meal for you.

5. Tastes great!

Last but most certainly not least, our vegan food items taste great!  Whether you are someone who regularly sticks to a plant-based diet or not, you’ll enjoy the great flavor of our vegan options. We serve up some of the best Vietnamese food in St. Louis, much of which is meatless. So anyone looking for a delicious lunch in Webster Groves or Maryland Heights should look no further: Stop by DD Mau to enjoy our vegan eats today!