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Julie Truong developed her passion for cooking while growing up in the family business, Vinh Chop Suey, located in St. Louis. There, she cultivated her passion for cooking. This passion grew into a dream to open up her own restaurant that reinvented the idea of fresh, healthy, and tasty. After leaving her job in the fashion and marketing industry, she decided to follow this dream and open up her own restaurant.

Julie opened DD Mau, a fast-casual Vietnamese restaurant in February 2018. The name DD Mau means to “go fast or hurry up” in Vietnamese. By taking her background experience in the family business and adding innovative ideas, Julie instills her mission through her unique Vietnamese cuisine. The menu at DD Mau is inspired by recipes from her mom and aunt. She has added a few innovative touches of her own, including featuring several vegan options. From DD Mau’s appetizers to entrées, every dish is focused on fresh, healthy, and tasty with a grab-and-go style.

Voted one of the Nine Rising Stars in Saint Louis by Feast Magazine in 2019, DD Mau has lived up to its mission statement and more. From innovative Bao Sliders, to famous Grilled Shrimp Spring Rolls, and Vegan Pho, DD Mau offers a wide variety of delicious dishes to taste and fall in love with. DD Mau is a must add to your Saint Louis dining experience.