Back To School Lunch Ideas 2023

It’s back to school season in St. Louis! Time to come up with school lunch ideas for the kids and ideas for your own lunch on the go for the busy fall days. You don’t have to pack the same sad sandwich day after day.  If you’re looking for a delicious St. Louis lunch that won’t slow you down, DD Mau has you covered. Here are just a few of our perfect lunch ideas for the new school year.

Banh Mi

There’s no denying sandwiches are handy and easy to take on the go.  But you and your kids can get sick of eating the same boring PB&J for lunch every day.  Switch things up with some of the best food in STL: A Banh Mi!  This Vietnamese sandwich is piled high with protein, veggies, and flavor all on a soft French baguette. DD Mau’s Banh Mi sandwiches can be made with your choice of protein: We have traditional cold cut Banh Mi sandwiches, a variety of meat options, or more unique vegan Banh Mi options. 

Bao Sliders

Another great handheld lunch is an order of Bao Sliders.  These small but mighty sliders pack a flavorful punch.  They’re the perfect size to eat while you’re out and about, but still hearty enough to fill you up. Vietnamese food in St. Louis that can be eaten on the go is hard to find.  Bao Sliders fill that void. 

Vermicelli and Rice Bowls

Our delicious rice and noodle bowls are also a great lunch to pack for school or work. Vermicelli bowls are a traditional Vietnamese food made with rice noodles, vegetables, protein, and sauce. Rice bowls are similar, but are served with a fried egg on top as well. As a St. Louis restaurant proud to offer something for everyone, we have bowls that are gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, peanut-free, and fit into almost any dietary restriction. 

Salad Bowls

Last but not least, it can be a challenge to make sure you and your kids are getting enough vegetables, especially during back to school time.  Salad bowls are a tasty way to make sure you’re getting your greens, but still eating a lunch you’ll love!  Just like with our vermicelli bowls and rice bowls, our salad bowls can be customized with your favorite protein and dressing options. And of course, salad bowls can be enjoyed cold so no need to worry about having access to a microwave at school or work when lunchtime rolls around!

Make back to school lunch easy and delicious this year with DD Mau