Celebrating Soup Season

It’s soup season in St. Louis!  We’re celebrating by shouting out some of our favorite soups here at DD Mau, from some of the best pho in St. Louis to vegan soups and more! 

Pho for Winter

When you’re on the hunt for great food in St. Louis this fall from the best STL restaurants, soup should be front of mind. And some of the best soup in St. Louis is pho from DD Mau. 

For those who aren’t familiar, pho is a traditional Vietnamese noodle soup.  It is made with rice noodles, broth, fresh herbs, and your choice of protein. Pho is often served with garnishes like cilantro, basil, and lime. 

This authentic Vietnamese dish is not only delicious but it is a great comfort food for the colder months! It’s savory, flavorful, and will warm you right up from the inside out.  DD Mau serves a variety of pho options including combo beef, chicken, veggie, seafood, and tofu. 

Vegan Soup at DD Mau

Besides our many varieties of pho, we also have another spicy, flavorful soup option that also happens to be vegan.  Our Vegan Lemongrass Soup is popular amongst vegans, vegetarians, and meat eaters alike! It’s got just enough of a kick to heat things up, and features perfectly cooked tofu and fresh veggies and herbs. 

Rice - A visually appealing image of our signature rice dish

Soup Season Suggestions

The next time you’re coming by to slurp up some pho or Vegan Lemongrass Soup, try pairing your bowl with some of our other fan-favorite STL Vietnamese food! 

Pairing Suggestion 1: Vegan Lemongrass Soup with Vegan Cheese Rolls 

Pairing Suggestion 2: Combo Beef Pho with Shrimp Spring Rolls 

Pairing Suggestion 3: Chicken Pho with Vegan Chocolate Cake

When you find yourself chilly, hungry, and seeking out the best food in Webster Groves or Maryland Heights this winter, head straight over to DD Mau.  Our pho and other soup are the perfect meals to fuel you up all winter long!