Vietnamese food is fresh, flavorful, delicious, and steeped in cultural tradition.  At DD Mau, we are proud to offer St. Louis Vietnamese food based on authentic recipes, but with some of our own innovative touches. 

Some of this may be familiar to you, while some of it may be new information. Here are just a few fun facts about Vietnamese cuisine. 

1. Sauces Are So Important

Even more than in many other cuisines, sauces are a central part of Vietnamese dishes. They provide much of the flavoring for the cuisine. Some of the most commonly used sauces in Vietnamese cuisine are fish sauce, soy sauce, and chili sauce. 

One thing that sets Vietnamese cuisine apart is that sauces are often mixed into the broth in dishes like pho, instead of served on the side.  This helps them really infuse and makes for an extra flavorful bowl! 

2. Herbs Are Important Too

One might be surprised to learn how few spices are used to make many Vietnamese dishes.  Spices tend to be used sparingly, while herbs provide more of the flavor.  Fresh herbs are an essential part of Vietnamese cooking.  Herbs like lemongrass, mint, and basil are widely used in a number of Vietnamese foods.

3. Eat with chopsticks

Like with some other East Asian cuisines, Vietnamese food is traditionally eaten with chopsticks.  This is the primary utensil used in the region and almost all dishes can be consumed using chopsticks.  

Here at DD Mau, we proudly offer chopsticks for all customers who wish to use them.  However, there is no pressure!  You can eat the Vietnamese cuisine at DD Mau however you are comfortable.  Whether you want to use chopsticks, a fork and knife, a spoon, or a mixture, they are all available at our restaurant. 

4. The Most Famous Dishes

There are far too many traditional Vietnamese dishes to name in one blog post. And different regions of the country have different dishes they tend to eat.  However, there are some particular dishes that are ubiquitous when speaking about Vietnamese food.  Among the most popular and well-known Vietnamese dishes are noodle soups, like pho, and spring rolls. 

How DD Mau Does Vietnamese Food

DD Mau has been making fresh and fast Vietnamese food in St. Louis since 2018.  With two locations in Webster Groves and Maryland Heights, plus a booth at STL CITY’s CITYPARK in Midtown, we serve diners all across the St. Louis metro area. We serve authentic Vietnamese recipes with our own unique, modern flair. 

DD Mau is also proud to offer a wide range of vegan food in St. Louis.  Our vegan Vietnamese menu items include vegan pho, tofu spring rolls, Spicy Lemongrass Soup, and vegan shrimp vermicelli bowls among many other items. 

We hope you have a little more insight into Vietnamese cuisine now.  To try some of the best Vietnamese food in St. Louis, visit us at 20 Allen Ave in Webster Groves or 11982 Dorsett Rd in Maryland Heights!