Are you going gluten-free in 2022?  If so, have we got some great dishes for you!  It’s easy and delicious to build the gluten-free meal of your dreams here at DD Mau.  Read on for our full guide to going gluten-free with us.


The star of the show is of course the main dish. The vast majority of our entrees can be made gluten-free, based on the protein and sauces you choose to include (more on that below). As for the entrees themselves, all except the Banh Mi and Bao sliders are gluten-free. That means our rice bowls, vermicelli bowls, salad bowls, and Pho are all safe (and delicious) to enjoy.


If just an entree is not quite enough, have no fear.  You can add spring rolls to any of our meals without adding any gluten.  Try them with steak, pork, shrimp, and more!


When it comes time to personalize your menu item, you’ll have no problem finding a gluten-free protein option that suits your needs and your taste preferences.  We offer 10 protein options, 8 of which are gluten-free. Chicken, fish, pork, beef…all gluten-free! Only our vegan beef and tofu contain gluten.   If you’re looking for a meal that is both gluten-free and vegan, give our veggies or vegan shrimp a try!


You’ve got your meal, your sides, and your protein chosen.  Now it’s time to sauce things up!  We have 4 different sauce and dressing options that are gluten-free: Our Vietnamese vinaigrette, DD dressing, Spicy DD dressing, and Sweet Chili sauce. 

Meal Suggestions

There are a LOT of options above.  If you’re feeling overwhelmed, fear not.  First of all, you really can’t go wrong with any combination.  But if putting a whole meal together for yourself feels like too much to handle, here are a few of our suggestions for delicious, flavorful, gluten-free meals. 

1 .The light & healthy option   – Chicken Brown Rice Bowl with spicy DD Dressing and Shrimp Spring Rolls on the side

2. The classic Vietnamese comfort food option  – Combo Pho and Traditional Spring Rolls on the side

3. The veggie lovers’ options (BONUS: This meal is both gluten-free AND vegan!)  – Veggie Fried Rice and Vegan Shrimp Spring Rolls on the side

So there you have it.  Keeping your New Year’s Resolution to go gluten-free will be a breeze with the wide and varied options available at DD Mau!