Our Most Unique Vietnamese Food Items

We have some of the best Vietnamese food in St. Louis that is both classic and innovative here at DD Mau. Our STL restaurant serves up fresh and fast Vietnamese eats for people across the city to enjoy.  You may be familiar with some of the traditional Vietnamese dishes like beef pho, cold cut Banh Mi sandwiches, and egg rolls.  But what about some of our more creative menu items?  We’re walking through the most unique offerings available at our STL Vietnamese restaurant today. 

Vegan Pho

Pho, or noodle soup, is a classic but very rarely can you find a version that’s vegan.  As a part of our efforts to offer delicion vegan and vegetarian options on our menu, we have a tasty vegan pho!  We are one of the only places in St. Louis to get Vietnamese food that is vegan.  Our vegan pho includes veggies and tofu, and is just as comforting and savory as the more traditional pho options like combo beef or brisket. 

Rice - A visually appealing image of our signature rice dish

Roti Tortillas

A couple years ago, we added tacos to our menu.  But not just any old tacos!  Ours are made with crispy Roti tortillas.  While not a traditional Vietnamese food, Roti pairs very well with our protein and sauce options.  Our tacos quickly became a fan favorite item, and are perfect if you’re looking to grab a quick lunch in Webster Groves or Maryland Heights. 

Rice - A captivating image showcasing our signature rice dish

Bao Sliders

Our sliders are a creative twist on a classic food.  Bao buns are popular in various Asian cuisines. If you’re looking for the best Asian food in St. Louis, you can’t overlook our Bao sliders.  The fluffy buns are stuffed with veggies, herbs, and your choice of protein and sauce.  Our Bao Sliders make for a great snack on the go or a scrumptious afternoon pick-me-up! 

Rice - Yet another captivating image of our signature rice dish
Rice - An enticing image highlighting our signature rice dish


Anyone have a sweet tooth? Another area of our menu that offers unique and creative options is our desserts! Sesame Balls are great treats that aren’t too sweet or decadent. Plus, they are one of our vegan desserts! We also have melt-in-your-mouth Vietnamese churros that you won’t want to miss. Or visit us in Webster Groves for awesome shakes in flavors like Oreo and Birthday Cake. 

From top to bottom, the menu at DD Mau is full of innovative offerings you won’t find anywhere else. The next time you’re on the hunt for food in Maryland Heights or Webster Groves, swing by to give one of our most unique Vietnamese food items a try!