We’ve made some changes! With these updates, there are 3 big areas that are changing a bit: gift cards, loyalty, and online ordering / delivery.


Gift cards that have been previously purchased will still be honored. All gift cards have been transferred to our new system, and should be able to be redeemed without issue.


E-gift cards can now be purchased at https://ddmaustl.zenfoody.com/. Minimum purchase is $10.


Physical gift cards can still be purchased in store.


When ordering gift cards online during off-hours, please set your order time to a future date.


We’ve updated our loyalty program! Nothing too major, but here are the deets. For every $10 spent, you will earn 1 point. Once you have reached 5 points, you can redeem your points for free food and drinks! When redeeming, each point is equal to $1.


Loyalty points can be redeemed both online and in store. When ordering online, be sure you are logged into your account to redeem points. When ordering in store, just let the cashier know you are a loyalty member and give them your phone number.


Finally, delivery will now be available through DoorDash