Vermicelli Noodle Bowl Facts

Think you know all there is to know about vermicelli noodle bowls? Let’s put that knowledge to the test. Here are some fun facts for the next time you order a vermicelli bowl at your favorite Vietnamese restaurant.

Bowl - A simple and elegant image of a delectable bowl dish

Vermicelli Noodles Originated in China

They are commonly used in dishes in many different Asian cuisines, but vermicelli noodles were actually first created in China. Even though the noodles originated in China, vermicelli bowls are also a traditional Vietnamese food. They are a street food staple in many Vietnamese cities.  Now, you can find vermicelli bowls everywhere, from the streets of Vietnam to restaurants in St. Louis

Vermicelli Bowls Are Made With Rice Noodles

What’s in a vermicelli bowl?  The key ingredient is the vermicelli noodles, which can also be called rice noodles.  They are made from rice, not from flour like many other noodles are. 

The Noodles Are Naturally Gluten Free

Because the noodles are made with rice, vermicelli noodle bowls are naturally gluten free! When you’re ordering a vermicelli bowl from a restaurant, you’ll still want to be careful, as some Vietnamese restaurants add ingredients to their bowls that are not gluten free.  But the noodles themselves contain no gluten. 

Vermicelli Bowls Can Be Served Hot Or Cold

Vermicelli bowls are versatile, making them some of the best food in St. Louis! Whether you’re looking to stay cool on a hot summer day or want to chow down on some comfort food during a chilly winter evening, vermicelli bowls can do both. You can eat the bowls hot or cold. 

Bowls Can Include Many Different Ingredients

There isn’t just one type of vermicelli bowl! There are tons of different varieties and ways to build your perfect vermicelli bowl. For instance, when you’re seeking out Vietnamese food in St. Louis, you can choose from 12 protein options and 10 different sauces to include in your vermicelli bowls at DD Mau.  

The next time you’re feeling hungry and pulling out your phone for a quick “food near me” search, keep vermicelli bowls from DD Mau in mind.  We have what you need for any occasion, whether you want to sit down for a full meal or just want to find a quick service restaurant in St. Louis you can grab some food from.